TPAC 2016 schedule clash between TTWG and Web and TV IG

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TPAC 2016 schedule clash between TTWG and Web and TV IG


As mentioned yesterday, the current draft TPAC schedule for this year has
TTWG meeting on Monday and Tuesday, and Web and TV IG meeting on Monday
also. We did request to avoid this clash.

I'm not sure if it is worth requesting a change, and I know that several
active participants in this group strongly requested that we meet on the
Monday and Tuesday: resolving the clash satisfactorily would therefore
seem to imply asking to move the Web & TV IG, which may be tricky.

So that I can collect more data points before proposing any action, if you
plan to attend TPAC please could you let me know by reply (can be direct
rather than to the group) before next week's TTWG meeting:

1) On the Monday, if there is still a clash, will you most likely:

A) attend TTWG
B) attend Web & TV IG
C) Try to move between both

2) Would you welcome a joint meeting for a pre-defined schedule slot, e.g.
30 minutes, where we present the status of our work to Web & TV IG and
stay for a short discussion?

D) Yes please to a joint meeting with Web & TV IG
E) I don't really care
F) No thank you to a joint meeting with Web & TV IG

Thanks in advance,


PS This email satisfies Action-464.

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