Suggestion to make the CSS Validator more user-friendly

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Suggestion to make the CSS Validator more user-friendly

Philip Tory, Technical Writer


Thank you for a useful tool on the web. But would you please consider adding a  Revalidate  button?

·         I use MS Expression Web and know it well enough to “get by”, but I am not a coding expert.

·         I read your comments about CSS, fix what I can in the style sheet, upload it, and then I want to see if my efforts have fixed the problem. So I want to revalidate my CSS by running your evaluation tool again. But How?

·         I also use your W3C Markup Validation Service, which has a very convenient  Revalidate  button:

·         How about it, guys? Somewhere near the top, like in the Markup Validation page?

Many thanks.


Philip Tory


Philip Tory, BSc Hons, Dip.M. 

Director, Authorgraphic Ltd.
Proprietor, Trainer and Consultant Technical Author.

29 King Edwards Avenue, Gloucester GL1 5DD   UK
Tel: 01452 - 500 639