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Suggestion for and iframes

Marke Johnston
This seems the best mail list for the general public to make

I maintain one fairly simple commercial website I authored and designed.
I have dabbled in html for over ten years.

for my current rennovation, I did find iframes to be the best viewing
and struggle with the same bookmarking shortcomings that perpetuates the
'frames are evil' meme.
Most specifically, I wish I could transmit via email links that would
load my iframe containing page in a specific way.

My suggestion:
an additional identifying tag could be added to each A href that has a
target= statement
that extra tag would contain a short and unique (example 2 alpha digits)
code identifying the link selected.

as an example, any link that contains target="I1" would have also
where the alpha code is meant to be specific to each ahref & target
combo on the page

a different link on the same page would have target="I1" named="ab" for
the second link...

then  browser specifications would be set to recognize codes and append
them to the end of urls, much in the manner of asp pages with arguments
passed to the server-- but read by the static browser-- and further, if
links caused the iframe contents to change and names were set- the
displayed address url would change to match

so a website would initially be at a page of
but if an end user selected a link (the first target link in my example)
that put name AA in iframe I1--  the browser would load the subframe,
and then automatically append to appropriate code to the url displayed    or if I had two frames in the
page, I might see

then by whatever means necessary, I can distribute, bookmark, and rename
frames and ensure the correct linking

Browsers- when loading of such a bookmark, would interpret the html,
searching for those unique names, and load the target frames as if they
had been clicked.

I have no dedication to my choice of names -  I just want to send out
links that will load the page as I wish it.

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Re: Suggestion for and iframes

Michael[tm] Smith
In response to the following message:

... the following bug has been raised in the W3C Bugzilla database:

You are encouraged to add yourself to the CC List for the bug -- which
will require that you create a W3C Bugzilla user account (if you don't
have one already):