Status update for XQTS 1.0.3

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Status update for XQTS 1.0.3

Frans Englich-2

Hello everyone!

One might wonder, with valid reason, when the next release of XQTS will be
out. The testing task force will try to make this into "soon."

Beyond the couple of open reports still remaining, we're working on getting
the XMark bench suite included in the XQTS, to expand our range of realistic
queries. Hopefully it will make it easier for implementors to improve &
verify their interoperability.

The XMark files are ready to go. In fact, all queued in my CVS working
directory, but we need a final ok from the lawyers to make sure no one gets
into trouble.

Though, has recently been updated in CVS and does by now
contain a great deal of fixes. And as of yesterday new tests in murky and
tricky areas. So feel welcome to test it out and report back.