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Staff contact job at W3C

Charles McCathieNevile-2

Hi folks,

one of the key people in the WebAPI group is the staff contact - someone who works at W3C, makes sure we are connected, talks to the rest of the W3C Team, works in the group and on assorted other W3C stuff.

Our contact, Dean Jackson, has worked at W3C for a number of years and is now running off to a new job. So W3C are looking for a replacement. The job ad is at

The advertising bit at the top is as follows:

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is looking for a new staff member to assist with W3C's work as team contact for two W3C Working Groups: HTML and WebAPI. This is an opportunity for a unique individual to be part of the team responsible for the design of next generation World Wide Web Technologies and to lead a variety of industry and user groups toward the development of technologies that enhance the functionality of the Web. The role of a W3C team contact is described in the W3C process.

You will be associated with the Japanese W3C host Keio University, in Shonan Fujisawa, Japan, but you may choose to work remotely. You will have to travel often, to Working Group meetings or conferences in various international locations, as well as to the other W3C hosts, located at MIT in Boston, USA and at ERCIM in Sophia Antipolis, in the South of France.

So, if you're interested in finding out what life is like inside W3C, and in fulfilling an important role in this group, have a look. (If you want to talk to someone who has worked there for 5 years, feel free to ask).



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