Sprecref Heroku migration and related outage

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Sprecref Heroku migration and related outage

Tobie Langel-4
Hi all,

About a year ago, Nodejisu, the service which hosted Specref, was
acquihired by Godaddy.

I promptly moved it to Heroku. Updated the doc and a couple of services
I knew were relying on it.

And then completely forgot to inform this list.

Yesterday, Nodejitsu closed down which caused outages in apps which
hadn't made the transition, notably:

- Bikeshed's CLI update command (for which there's a pending pull
- W3C's hosted Respec, which was relying on a proxy to Nodejitsu and
not, as I thought, on their own instance of the service. This was fixed
Friday morning already.

Sincere apologies for this outage.

The new service is located at: https://specref.herokuapp.com/

Going forward, this outage would have been avoided had the service been
hosted on a subdomain of http://www.specref.org/. The main blocker for
that right now is setting up the SSL certificate. Certainly something I
have on my radar, but haven't had a chance to look into yet (it seems
particularly painful and/or costly on Heroku). Help welcomed.

Baest (and again, sorry),


[1]: https://github.com/tabatkins/bikeshed/pull/550