Some questions about your dataset w3c-wordnet

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Some questions about your dataset w3c-wordnet

Timothy Lebo

My name is Tim Lebo and I'm conducting a survey about Linked Data datasets on
I'm contacting you because you are listed as an author or maintainer of the dataset

Could you please take a few moments to answer the following 10 questions?
For your convenience, you can just reply directly to this email.

I'm planning to release the survey results with a CC Zero license [1] at [2].
I won't include your email, and I'll associate your responses to the dataset (not you).
If this raises concerns for you, please let me know.

Thanks so much for your consideration.

Tim Lebo


1) What type of organization produced the dataset w3c-wordnet?
   (e.g., academic, commercial, government, personal, etc.) Please list all that apply.

2) What tools were used to create and publish the dataset w3c-wordnet?
   (Please designate any tools that were developed in house and whether or not they are publicly available.)

3) Did you publish any papers based on the dataset w3c-wordnet?
   Please list all pertinent papers.

4) Are you aware of any applications that use the dataset w3c-wordnet?
   Please list any that you are aware of and how you found out about them.

5) On a scale from 1 (very difficult) to 10 (very easy), how easy was it to fulfill the lodcloud group's metadata requirements
   for the dataset w3c-wordnet (

6) On a scale from 1 (unhelpful) to 10 (very helpful), how helpful was the lodcloud validator in helping you fulfill the lodcloud group's
   metadata requirements for dataset w3c-wordnet?

7) Is the dataset w3c-wordnet still being maintained?
   If it is not, please explain why. (e.g., project funding ended, original objective was achieved, lost interest, etc.)

8) On a scale from 1 (most easy) to 10 (very difficult), how difficult do you think it would be
   for another expert developer to reproduce the Linked Data in dataset w3c-wordnet?

9) What factors would make it easy or difficult to reproduce the dataset w3c-wordnet?
   (e.g., availability of the original data, provenance available within the Linked Data itself,
   domain expertise, thoroughness of documentation, or the tools that were used).

10) Would you like to see a new version of the LOD Cloud Diagram (
    Why or why not?