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Schematron news from Rick Jelliffe

Chris Lilley

Hello public-schemata-users,

This item from  Robin Cover's XML daily news may be of interest to this list:

Schematron News
Rick Jelliffe, O'Reilly News

Some of the recent news on ISO Schematron: (1) My XSLT 'skeleton
implementation (the latest version of the most commonly used version
of Schematron) is available in beta from, as open source,
non-viral. This version fully supports ISO Schematron (except for
abstract patterns, for which a preprocessor has been contributed) and
has a lot of input from members of the schematron-love-in maillist.
Notable contrabutions are from Ken Holman, Dave Pawson and Florent
Georges. A variety of different output formats are available as
backends, including an ISO SVRL (Schematron Validation Report Language)
XML format and a terminate-on-first-error backend. (2) Topologi's Ant
Task for Schematron is available now in beta from The
code will be available as open source, non-viral. Thanks for Allette
System's Christophe Lauret and Willi Ekasalim for doing the programming
on this. It can output text to standard error or collate all the
SVRLs into a single XML file.  (3) Dave Pawson is writing a little
online book ISO Schematron tutorial concentrating on using Schematron
with XSLT2. I haven't reviewed it thoroughly yet, but Dave has a good
track record.  (4) Mitre's Roger Costello has written up two pages 'Usage
and Features of Schematron' and 'Best way to phrase the Schematron
assertion text' that seem pretty sensible to me. Roger followed his
usual method of asking people on the XML-DEV maillist and compiling the
results.  (5) Murata Makoto has been preparing the Japanese translation
of ISO Schematron, to be used as the text for the Japanese Industrial
Standard. He has also been translating other parts of ISO DSDL. The
great thing about diligent translators such as Dr Murata and Dr Komachi
is that they uncover many practical issues; in Schematron's case there
are a couple of paragraphs in the ISO standard that seem completely
reasonable when you know what they are supposed to mean, but actually
are pretty cryptic. Murata-san also has pointed out an improvement to
the formal specification of Schematron in predicate logic.
See also Schematron references:

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