SRU Implemetors Group Meeting (Second ZING Forum)

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SRU Implemetors Group Meeting (Second ZING Forum)

ray denenberg

A meeing of the SRU Implemetors Group (Second ZING Forum) is being planned
for February/March 2006, at the Hague, hosted by the Royal Library (National
Library of the Netherlands), arranged by Theo van Veen.

There are two tentative dates:  February 15,16 and 17; and March 1,2 and 3;
and there is also a remote possibility of  March 8, 9 and 10.

We want to set a firm date soon and need to know if any of these dates
presents problems for those of you who would otherwise attend (please
respond only if this is a meeting that you would consider attending, and one
or more of these dates is a problem).  Please respond to me personally, at
[hidden email].

Ray Denenberg