SPDY and HTTP, what's happening?

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SPDY and HTTP, what's happening?

Alessandro Nadalin
Hi all,

There's some hype surrounding SPDY since it seems a really good
protocol for today's web, but I am missing some points on the topic...

For what I know SPDY is compliant with the HTTP/1.1, so it's basically
just a new protocol for transporting stuff around the web, but HTTP's
semantics, verbs and interface are not gonna be re-invented: am I
Can we say that SPDY has the same interface of HTTP, but with a better

This is my first post here, so just put yourself on the
"please-forgive-the-noob" suite: I hope such this kind of question has
not been already asked, doing some research on the archives I got no
similar results.


Nadalin Alessandro