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SMIL and script

Jonathan Chetwynd
SMIL and script

is there a way perhaps using ecmascript to move, for instance an animation** to its start position?

Whilst a user might have buttons to play pause and rewind, but where one or more individuals and or services which may be  remote, is a means provide for them to engage?


Jonathan Chetwynd

** the  attached file is  in SVG by way of illustration.
what is sought  is  a way to emulate one and only one of the  buttons through script.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<svg xmlns="" version="1.1"

<title>Click  on the green button  then the grey button</title>

  <text x="20" y="20" >Wait for animation, then click on the green circle, then click the green rectangle</text>

<g id="neutral" fill="#cca" >
<set attributeName="fill"  from="#cca" to="green" begin=""  end="" />
   <rect x="16" y="38" width="150" height="21"  rx='4' ry='4'/>

   <rect x="176" y="38" width="50" height="21"  rx='4' ry='4'  fill="green"  pointer-events="fill" cursor="pointer" id="fillGreen"/>

   <rect x="176" y="78" width="50" height="21"  rx='4' ry='4'  fill="#cca" pointer-events="fill" cursor="pointer" id="fillNeutral"/>