SCXML2015 Workshop - Action Points towards W3C Community Reports

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SCXML2015 Workshop - Action Points towards W3C Community Reports

Stefan Radomski
Hey there,

we have had the 2nd SCXML workshop in Duisburg last week and I'd like to move some of the open points we identified onto this list in order to get a more public forum. We will prepare the formal proceedings in the next week and have them linked on [1]; papers and some presentations are already linked there. During the presentations and the open-panel, at least the following topics came up (some with a potential for a more formal standardisation):

1. An Interface Description Language (IDL) for SCXML interpreters.
1.1 For simple life-cycle and interpretation of state-charts.
1.2 A set of hooks for (on-line) visualisation.
1.3 A set of hooks for (on-line) modelling / debugging[5].

2. An extension for modal and "multiplicity" states[2].
2.1 The persistent <invoke> and <uninvoke>

3. A new <response> element for things more elaborate than e.g. 200/OK

4. Interpreting conditions as events (as in Harel's original paper) [3]

5. Goal-oriented Planning [3]

6. Dynamic SCXML (as with DHTML) [4]

Feel free add anything I forgot. 

Jim suggested that the format of "W3C community reports" is suited to tackle most of these issues. To advance toward this goal, I suggest we start to get an agreement on 1.1 first, which seems to be the lowest hanging fruit and I will send a follow-up mail with a suggested "Lifecycle IDL" later today. If anyone feels "responsible" for one of the other topics, feel free to start a new thread and we can discuss relevant issues.

Best regards

[2] <a href=" SCXML by a Feature for Creating Dynamic State Instances.pdf" class="">
[4] <a href=" a State Chart at Runtime.pdf" class="">
[5] <a href=" Debugger for SCXML Documents.pdf" class="">