Request for offline resolution: Moving SVG 2 to CR

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Request for offline resolution: Moving SVG 2 to CR

Nikos Andronikos
Hi all,

At last week's telcon, those present (Amelia, Doug, Nikos, Takagi-san, & Tav) resolved [1] to publish the Candidate Recommendation of SVG 2, pending resolution of the following issues, which will be completed over the next few days:
* Related to PR 206 - use element rewrite, which will be merged
  * Make x,y,width, and height on the use element presentation attributes
  * Remove statement recommending that referenced elements go in defs
  * Define use element so that conditional processing does not stop creation of shadow tree or loading of external resources (may go in general section)
  * Make width and height on use not be copied to foreignObject referenced element
  * Add note outlining potential performance impact of shadow dom element linking to source document
  * Add extra example for style inheritance
* Remove transform attribute from elements treated as inline elements (tspan & textPath)
* Define conditional processing to be conditional display
* Define interaction of markerUnits="strokeWidth" and non-scaling-stroke
* Allow percentages in fill-opacity, stroke-opacity, & stop-opacity, to match CSS WG changes
* Add restrictions / warnings about invalid `id` values
* Update getNumberOfChars() definition

I’m now asking the wider group to approve this resolution.
Please reply to this message with your support or otherwise.
If I don’t hear any dissenters by the time of the next telcon, the resolution will pass and I’ll start the publication process.


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