Remark about SCXML "entry set" definition (section 3.11)

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Remark about SCXML "entry set" definition (section 3.11)

Ate Douma
Hi there,

After reading the current SCXML spec, I find the definition of "entry set"
confusing, possible incorrect.

In section 3.11, for [Definition: The entry set ...] the following is stated:

   [...] Otherwise, it consists of all members of the transition's complete
target set that are not currently active. [..]

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but it seem to me this can't be
correct. Why are only 'not currently active' states considered?
A currently active state can be both exited and (re)entered as result of a
single transition, so should (and IMO is to) be included in the entry set as well.

The "computeEntrySet" procedure in appendix A also doesn't reflect this AFAICT,
only determining the entry set based on the transition targets only, not the (at
that time already exited) current active states



(working on Apache Commons SCXML 2.0 towards spec compliance)