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ReSpec reviewers wanted

Marcos Caceres-5
Hi ReSpec users,

tl;dr: Looking for wonderful people to help with code reviews or even
feature development - help us land ReSpec features faster!

Recently, shane McCarron and I have been working hard to bring new
goodies to ReSpec. Apart from integrating the new style, we have
upgraded many of the dependencies, modernized the test suite, and are
working hard to bring new features. In all, we've changed about
20,000+ lines of code and deleted  over 13,000. These should help keep
the ReSpec code base healthy, stable, and competitive. We have big
plans for ReSpec 4.0 (ultra-fast rendering, offline support, more
legible/maintainable code that adheres to JSCS), but we need your help
to get there!

To help up move faster, we need your help with code reviews, or if you
have time, feature development. Reviews generally take about 5 minutes
(depending on size). It generally means looking over some JS and
seeing if it looks ok, or if it could be done in a better way. It's
also a great way to learn about ReSpec's internals and to learn about
new JS features and how they are used in practice.

Interested? Let me know your github username, and I will ping you for
reviews. If you've never done a review, but are interested, I'm happy
to help you through the process and show you examples.

Kind  regards,