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Grosso, Paul

Thank you for your comments at
on the XML Base Second Edition PER.

You ask whether xml:base can only be used on the parent
of an element, or whether its presence on any previous
ancestor is enough to trigger the resolving of relative URIs.

The XML Core WG has reviewed this comment and decided not
to make any change to XML Base Second Edition with the
following explanation:

Since an element without an explicit xml:base attribute
derives its base URI from that of its parent (as discussed
in section 4.2), base URIs come from the nearest ancestor
with an xml:base attribute.

The phrase "encapsulating entity" comes directly from RFC 3986
and does not refer to the ancestor elements within the document.

See also
for previous reponses.

We hope to transition XML Base to Recommendation within
the next few weeks.  Please let us know if you accept
our disposition of this comment as soon as feasible.
If we have not heard by September 22, we will assume
you have no objection to our resolution.

Paul Grosso
for the XML Core WG