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Bastiaan Peters-2
Hi Fred,

Here is your pong. Seems quiet sometimes indeed here, but it's definitely not dead. Otherwise no ping pong, right. I actually bumped into your next message regarding the "RAND", where you can't speak of "free of charges" but being within the limits of reason ability. This is not only the case here but anywhere you will look. Differentiation is made and explained just under the link you gave where the RAND is explained ("RF License").

Now getting into this I am wondering about your opinion about the first formal objection:


Address:Lindengracht 11, 1015 KB Amsterdam
Tel:(+31) 614 280 951
Fax:(+31) 877 844 461
================================================================= De informatie opgenomen in dit bericht kan vertrouwelijk zijn en is uitsluitend bestemd voor de geadresseerde. Indien u dit bericht onterecht ontvangt, wordt u verzocht de inhoud niet te gebruiken en de afzender direct te informeren door het bericht te retourneren. ================================================================= The information contained in this message may be confidential and is intended to be exclusively for the addressee. Should you receive this message unintentionally, please do not use the contents herein and notify the sender immediately by returning this e-mail.