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Re: <style scoped> and the cascade

François REMY
My take on Scoped Stylesheets :

@Boris: Can I please ask you to forward this mail to the HTML WG if it
doesn't appear there later today? I'm still not subscribed to the HTML WG
mailing list but I would like to give my opinion on that point. I'm in the
process of entering the mailing list but it seems the process can be quite
long and last several days. Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

-----Message d'origine-----
From: Boris Zbarsky
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2012 7:37 AM
Cc: www-style list
Subject:  and the cascade

I've been looking into scoped stylesheets, and I'm not sure that the way
the spec currently places them in the CSS cascade makes sense.  If the
intent is for them to be used for styling a particular subtree, it seems
like they should probably come later than global document sheets in the
cascade; otherwise you can end up with global sheets accidentally
overriding scoped styles, which makes it difficult to really use scoped
styles effectively.

Of course the counterargument could be made that the opposite behavior
would disallow document-global sheets from "fixing up" problems from
scoped styles.

Perhaps the cascading order should be:

   document normal rules
   scoped normal rules
   scoped !important rules
   document !important rules


ccing www-style, but this discussion should probably happen on the
htmlwg list, since that's where scoped styles are defined...