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Re: [iri] #91: Mapping of <ireg-name>: preferred way?

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#91: Mapping of <ireg-name>: preferred way?

Changes (by masinter@…):

 * owner:  draft-ietf-iri-3987bis@… => masinter@…


 I propose resolving this by being more specific about exactly when
 punicode encoding is acceptable, by changing

   <t>The ireg-name component MAY also be converted as follows:</t>


  <t>In situations where it is certain that the ireg-name is intended to be
 used as a domain name to be processed by Domain Name Lookup (as per <xref
 target="RFC53891"/>, an alternative method MAY may be used for converting
 the ireg-name component as follows:  </t>

 Is this OK?

 Reporter:  evnikita2@…  |       Owner:  masinter@…
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