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MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given)


Martin> > We can overcome this problem by slightly extending the trigger element
Martin> > of NVDL.  For example, we can allow a <trigger> to specify a list of
Martin> > qualified names.  This <trigger> element detach an element from its
Martin> > parent element when (1) the qualified name of this element is in this
Martin> > list and (2) the qualified tag name of the parent element is NOT in
Martin> > this list.  However, the use of different namespaces for different
Martin> > vocabularies is a much better solution.
Martin> Can you let us have an example of this new functionality so we can see how
Martin> it works in context?

Sure.  Here goes an ugly example.

<rules xmlns=""
  <trigger ns=""
    name="a abbr access address blockcode blockquote body caption cite code col
colgroup dd dfn di div dl dt em ev:listener h handler head heading
html img kbd l label li link meta nl object ol p param pre quote ruby
samp section separator span standby strong style sub summary sup table
tbody td tfoot th thead title tr ul var"/>

  <trigger ns=""
    name="model input secret textarea output upload range trigger submit select
select1 action dispatch rebuild recalculate revalidate refresh
setfocus load setvalue send reset message insert delete setindex
group switch repeat"/>

  <mode name="xhtml2">
    <namespace ns="">
       <validate schema="xhtml2.rng" useMode="Xforms"/>
  <mode name="Xforms">
    <namespace ns="">
       <validate schema="xforms.rng" useMode="xhtml2"/>


Why is this example so ugly?  Because XHTML2 abuses namespaces
in my opinion.  Probably, this abuse is intended to make schema
authoring *easier*.  Yes, it becomes easier when we only use
RELAX NG or W3C XML Schema.  But, when we have NVDL, it actually
becomes harder!

So, should we extend the <trigger> element of NVDL?  

MURATA Makoto <[hidden email]>