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olivier Thereaux-4

On 2010-09-15, at 9:30 AM, SK Rana wrote:
> I am in process to develop a RFP for a new web site development to invite proposals from vendors.
> Need to incorporate that web site should be compatibilty with current browsers or W3C standards.
> a) Can you please give me some verbiage (or pointers) that a new web site should meet what specific standards?

Dom already pointed you to the (old but still mostly relevant) W3C article on Web agency requirement. If you want more precise verbiage, I think RFPs from government agencies will give a fairly good example of quality, process, standard and accessibility requirements.

Most of these RFPs are public, but they tend to be available only upon registration, and although I must have some from Canada and USA government agencies in my archives, I don't know if it would be appropriate for me to share them here. I invite you to visit sites such as for a number of examples.