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Re: Translate manual of Amaya to Spanish

Thanks Helder

Yes, I saw the translation of the page you mentioned and it seems difficult to understand. It could also help with the translation of that information. Translating Amaya manual is an idea that appeals to me.


Henry Izurieta

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Subject: Re: Translate manual of Amaya to Spanish

Hi Henry,

> I want to translate the Amaya Manual to Spanish language.

Great, it's always good to have an extra supported language, in my opinion! ;-)

> This translation helps the Amaya project?

I'm convinced it does, although I'm not part of the development team.
I'd suggest subscribing/sending a message to www-amaya-doc [1] as that
is the right place for this sort of discussion. :-)

I just noticed a translation to Spanish [2] (accessible from the
welcome page [3]) of the Amaya web page is also available, although
severely outdated. Maybe you could also give a little support with
that afterward? :-)