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Arthur Ryman-2


Sorry for the delayed responce (on vacation). Thx for your careful review of the spec. Could you please open a bug so we can track this properly? [1]


Arthur Ryman, IBM DE
Chief Architect, Rational Project and Portfolio Managent
Office: 905-413-3077, Cell: 416-939-5063
Assistant: Florence Turgeon, 905-413-4182

"Josephs, Mark Brian" <[hidden email]>

01/17/2009 08:54 PM

Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
<[hidden email]>

Dear Dr. Ryman,
Please consider correcting the predicate part of the InterfaceParent schema. As things stand, interfaceFaultComps is unconstrained if interfaceOpComps is an empty set in a given ComponentModel2, i.e., the predicate part could be simplified to true. Likewise, interfaceOpComps is unconstrained if interfaceFaultComps is an empty set.
Correction is straightforward: each constraint should be expressed in a separate universal quantification.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Mark B. Josephs
Faculty of BCIM
London South Bank University

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