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You asked:

   1. For someone who is pretty limited technologically, would Amaya be
      beyond my abilities to use?
   2. Is it realistic for me to approach using Amaya now with the idea
      that I can become even more adept at using it as my knowledge of
      understanding and writing HTML grows. The idea being that
      somewhere down the line, It will all come together for me?
   3. Does Amaya offer a simple 'Publish' button for uploading to a host
      or is uploading to a server only done through ftp?
   4. Does an Amaya-built Website require or recommend a Linux server on
      which to host it?
   5. Is hosting an Amaya-built Website a fairly common thing for most
      hosting companies such that they would not require much, if
      anything, from me to prepare for my uploading the site to their

First off; your website ( looks quite good - there
are some suggestions I could make but that's outside this reply. Let me
provide my thoughts on your questions.

   1. Given the complexity of your current website you should have no
      problems with using Amaya. In fact after an initial getting used
      to it period you may find Amaya much easier and it ought to
      produce "lighter" and more standards compliant (X)HTML code.
   2. Yes! The nice things about Amaya is its standards compliance and
      ease of use. I recommend it to a group of not-for-profit folks I
      provide help to.
   3. I think so. I don't use this feature; my use of Amaya tends to be
      as my word processing tool of choice. I've made the switch (over
      time) from MS Office to Open Office and now to Amaya and produce
      all my documents in HTML form (they are much smaller and contain
      no malicious macros) and if needed convert them to PDF format
      using PDF Creator.
   4. No! Most certainly not. Amaya produces simple (X)HTML text
      documents that can be served by any web server.
   5. There is NO additional requirement for hosting Amaya produced web

A useful thing I have done to suit my own use is to change the Amaya
"home page" to a local document I call "normal.html" which automatically
loads with Amaya. It works the same as the "normal" template in MS Word
or OOo.

Another option to using Amaya for your website is to move to WordPress.
I have done this for the group I mentioned above (see WordPress has a steeper learning curve than Amaya
but is ideal if there are multiple authors/editors and most don't have
HTML skills. If, however, your website is produced by just you then I
would stick with Amaya.

Hope that helps.


Peter Anderson

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