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Richard Newman

Bump, because this hasn't yet been acknowledged, and it's an existing  
issue (though I forget the reference), so several people would like  
it dealt with.


On 26 Oct 2005, at 23:08, Richard Newman wrote:

> Howdy,
>   In "Namespaces:", immediately preceding < 
> sparql-query/#operandDataTypes>:
> ---
> The namespace for XPath functions that are directly available by  
> name is The associated  
> namespace prefix used in this document is fn:. XPath operators are  
> named with the prefix op:, XML Schema datatypes with the prefix  
> op:, and types of RDF terms with the prefix r:. SPARQL operators  
> are named with the prefix sop:.
> ---
>   So,
> fn: =
>   I have two preliminary observations:
> 1. "XML Schema datatypes with the prefix op:". Shouldn't this be  
> xs:, judging by §11.1, or xsd:, following convention?
> 2. The only namespace prefixes listed in §1.1 are rdf:, rdfs:, and  
> xsd:. AFAICS, this leaves:
>   a) fn: defined, but not listed in §1.1
>   b) op:, sop:, xs:, and r: without a definition that I can see in  
> this document.
>   Thoughts? If someone knows the URI for sop:, I'd very much like  
> to be corrected, as I'm trying to write that part of twinql :)
>   Thanks,
> -R