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Bugzilla from
The recommended DTD files for XHTML are missing at W3C. The present message contains an examination of the case and suggests a workaround.


For the SYSTEM identifier for XHTML 1.0 Transitional as recommended by Strictly Conforming Documents the server reply is

Service Unavailable
Content-Location: msie7.asis
Vary: negotiate, User-Agent

And when you try the content location explicitly, you get

Not Found

Therefore, XHTML documents with the recommended DOCTYPE do not validate as XML.  This misconfiguration is a severe bug and it may cause major disruption to XML applications worldwide.


1.       the links in Document Type Definitions work,

2.       you are free to use any SYSTEM identifier that works, although it is not recommended.

Note that all DTDs refer to the invalid location in the usage section.


Why are the DTDs served as text/plain?  They should be served as application/sgml and application/xml-dtd, as applicable!