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Re: LC comment on access module usage with XForms (PR#8054)

John Boyer

I basically wanted to raise awareness that the access module needs some kind of language to suggest that ID resolution is something that can be overloaded by the consuming profile because when this module is actually *used* in combination with XHTML2 (which adopts XForms), the accessibility features need to be usable with dynamically repeated content.  

XForms 1.1 already contains the description of how ID resolution works on repeated content, so it is surely not necessary to specify it, but making reference to it would aid in the description of why ID resolution method should be definable by the consuming profile.  XML Events 2 certainly seems to take this approach when allowing the consuming profile to define the context for XPath evaluations such as for the if attribute.

But I can live with it not being mentioned if the XHTML2 working group feels it is best to cover this possibility only in XHTML2+XForms.

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