Re: Is 1.0.0 the latest version?

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Re: Is 1.0.0 the latest version?

Tim Berners-Lee

That is the last tarballed release.  The CVS is newer, and, general, better.
Yosi is planning to a new tarball soon.


To get the latest version of cwm, I did the following:

google 'cwm semantic web'

This got me a version that calls itself '1.0.0' and appears to have
been built in 2004.  Is this really the latest?

The reason I suspect it is because when I run it on one of my files I
get an error:

cwm ~/Scratch/out/medline07n0506/00/15548600.rdf  --n3 --pipe
ValueError: This sink cannot accept datatyped values

referring apparently to this line

   <nc:starts-at rdf:datatype='

which I suppose might be wrong in some way. Perhaps this is fixed in a
newer version, but I'm not sure how I could find that out.