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Re: ENTITIES attribute for sun/not-wf/encoding07.xml

Henry S. Thompson
Joe Schafer wrote [8 years ago!]:

> I believe I have found a minor problem with the description of the
> sun/not-wf/encoding07.xml test in the sun/sun-not-wf.xml file.
> The description of the test is:
> <TEST URI="not-wf/encoding07.xml" ID="encoding07" TYPE="not-wf"
> SECTIONS="4.3.1 [77]" ENTITIES="parameter">
>    Text declarations (which optionally begin any external entity)
>    are required to have "encoding=...". </TEST>
> I believe that the ENTITIES="parameter" is wrong because the test does
> not even contain any parameter entity declarations or references.  It
> does however have an external general entity declaration and a
> reference to it. So I believe the ENTITIES attribute should be set to
> "general".

Fixed in CVS, will be in next release, thanks.

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