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Yosi Scharf

That looks good. Had no problems with this release.
Happy new Year !!

> ==Performance Improvements
>  * Cwm now uses Python Sets instead of lists to store many things
>  * Speed improvements to some tests are orders of magnitude
>  * Output is not as stable as it once was
> ==Python 2.3 or later now required
> Used for Sets
> ==Experimental SPARQL Server support
> Cwm can now run as a SPARQL server. This includes:
>  * A preview cwm --sparqlServer, which runs a server on port 8000
>  * cwm --sparql=, which behaves like --query=
>  * builtins for doing sparql queries from within n3.
> ==RDF/XML serialization fixes
> A few strange bugs in rdf:xml serialization, many related to the rdf:
> prefix or xml: prefix, have been fixed
> ==delta exit statuses
> delta now returns with similar exit statuses as the diff utility for
> plaintext files. An exit status of 0 means no differences between the
> from and to graphs were found. An exit status of 1 means some
> differences were found. An exit status of 2 means differences were not
> computed for some reason.

-- GoldED/386 2.42.G0614+

I will try to live with love... with dreams... and forever with tears...