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Our implementation is almost ready. We will announce its availability
next week (with the limitations about the decisions that we think need
to be revisited and that will constitute comments for the Last Call). I
don't know if this is time for an implementation report but we will
happy to provide one.

The features of our implementation are:

+ Machine-readable format for vocabulary descriptions
+ Multiple sources for information, including, but not limited to WURFL
and UAProf
+ Machine-readable format for mappings between different vocabularies
and the core vocabulary

Best Regards

Rotan Hanrahan escribió:

> All,
> Once the Simple API and Core Vocabulary are ready (not necessarily
> perfect, but sufficiently good to get your attention), we will be
> looking for implementations. These will be of the form of bindings to
> particular languages, re-expression in other interface definition
> languages, libraries of code for incorporation into products,
> publically accessible interfaces to actual repositories and new
> products that include the Simple API. I am looking for feedmack from
> the DDWG members to see what will be available. On today’s call I
> discovered that there will be Simple API
> implementations/demonstrations/products covering Java, C#, IDL, Perl,
> WSDL. The dotMobi DeviceAtlas will be one of the first products to
> include the Simple API. Are there more planned?
> Feel free to respond just to the member-only list if you don’t want to
> make a public commitment just yet.
> Many thanks.
> ---Rotan