Raising and Discussing Issues

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Raising and Discussing Issues


Issues against our documents form the basis of our discussions:

New issues will be added to the issues list for the WG's
consideration, as long as they're not obviously out of scope
or a duplicate of an existing issue.

If you'd like to raise an issue, please do so on this list.
Identify it with 'NEW ISSUE' in the Subject line.

New issue proposals must be made against a specific document
by sending mail the public mailing list. Use a subject header
in the form "NEW ISSUE: title" and include the following

    * Title - A short descriptive name for the issue

    * Description - A longer and complete description
      of the issue, state in terms of the documents.
      Call out why this impacts interoperability.

    * Target - Which document is the issue is against:
      "Roadmap", "Basic", "Advanced" or "Testsuite".

    * Proposal - A reasonably complete proposal for
      how the issue should be addressed.

Separate issues should be raised in separate e-mails.

When discussing an issue, please use the issue number
in the Subject line e.g. 'i009 - a concrete proposal'
This will assist tracking and searching for issues in
the archive.