[RFC] Accessibility of W3C diff-marked Documents

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[RFC] Accessibility of W3C diff-marked Documents

Gregory J. Rosmaita-2


on the W3C systems team (systeam) blog, there is an announcement about
the public availability (through a web-form interface) of the script
that DIFF-marks W3C documents:


after starting a dialog with dominique of the W3C systeam on the
systeam's blog (located at the URI above), dom took the issue directly
to the creator of the original script, shane mccaron, carbon-copying me
-- whilst i was offline due to illness since the thirteenth, and, thus,
did not have a chance to participate in the feedback loop, i did want to
share with the wider WAI community what steps have been taken and to ask
assistance in reviewing and commenting upon the changes which have been
effected to the htmldiff script used by W3C staff to generate DIFF-marked
versions of W3C working drafts...  in fact, dom has already uploaded the
new script to the online diff-marking service:


as dom suggested, i will be following up on the dispensing of advice,
which is why i am seeking the advice and counsel of the wider WAI
community -- what is it about DIFF-marked documents that hinders your
comprehension?  are you satisfied with the results?  what can we do to
further improve the DIFF-marking tool's output's accessibility?  would
anyone be interested/available to grok the perl script to ascertain
where and how it could be improved?

oh, and a very big thank you to shane for effecting the changes to his
script so quickly,


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