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Neerven, Marc van



We hereby inform you that Seneca ( is currently implementing XForms 1.1 in the next release of Smartsite iXperion ( and Smartsite Content Management Server, the leading Dutch Web CMS.
The Smartsite iXperion XForms implementation is written as a multi-tiered application in C# (.NET) and can be hosted on any .NET based system. XHTML + jQuery/AJAX rendering is included as a pluggable render device in the XForms architecture. Other render devices can easily be plugged in. The XHTML output will be accessible, WCAG and “Web Guidelines” compliant and built using “Progressive Enhancement” techniques. Smartsite iXperion XForms thus downgrade well, even in non-scripting environments, but will still have a slick, state-of-the-art look and feel in modern browsers.
For more information:
                Marc van Neerven, Chief architect ([hidden email])
                Marc Derksen, Development Manager ([hidden email])
                Johan Blok, Director of Product Development ([hidden email])


Drs. M.C. van Neerven

Chief Architect



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