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Question about "Third Party Content”

Tanaka, Satoko



May I ask a question about “Third Party Content”?


In the WCAG 2.0, a website using “Third Party Content” can announce a "statement of partial conformance".


I’m facing a question how I can judge an image provided by Adobe officially which is placed in a webpage I’m evaluating.

Adobe requires users to use an exact image for Acrobat downloading in their website;

the banner image is here;

The banner image contains text, and a part of the text, the portion of “Get”, does not meet the SC 1.4.3.

In this case, can I judge the whole page placing this banner image is not sufficient? Or, can I apply “statement of partial conformance” to the page?


If someone would kindly answer this question quickly, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Many thanks and kind regards,