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Query regarding XML Parser

Hi friends,
I am working in C on Linux Fedora Core. My problem is very simple. But I really need you help. I want to convert an XML file into plaintext format. e.g; I have following contents in XML file :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE persons SYSTEM "http://mail.persistent.co.in/v1/addrbook.dtd">
<persons count="13">
  <person ref="6024732a-1c38-102a-922a-0007e9315819">
    <cn>Satish Agrawal</cn>
    <category unfiled="yes">3</category>
    <mail>[hidden email]</mail>
    <telephonenumber primary="yes"/>
    <displayname>Satish Agrawal</displayname>
  <person ref="0dbb27fa-20ed-102a-9922-0007e9315819">
    <cn>Rahul Patil</cn>
    <category unfiled="yes">3</category>
    <mail>[hidden email]</mail>
    <telephonenumber primary="yes"/>
    <displayname>Rahul Patil</displayname>
  <person ref="d141cc6e-20fd-102a-8307-0007e9315819">
    <cn>Milind Limaye</cn>
    <category unfiled="yes">3</category>
    <mail>[hidden email]</mail>
    <telephonenumber primary="yes"/>
    <displayname>Milind Limaye</displayname>
  <person ref="b620b9c4-2669-102a-929b-0007e9315819">
    <mail>[hidden email]</mail>
    <telephonenumber primary="yes"/>
And I want the outputs in following format (For each record ) :

Person 1:
Name : Satish Agrawal
Surname : Agrawal
UUID : 6024732a-1c38-102a-922a-0007e9315819
E mail : [hidden email]

and so on ...

Please suggest me what should I use. I have tried libwww and libxml libraries, but could not find much. Please guide.
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