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Karl Dubost


Among the Web bits of things which have been collected.

Note: If long URIs are breaking in your MUA, it's because implements  
strictly the last RFC 3626 and they do also for URIs.

* W3C Tempests

  If you had one post to read about the tempests that W3C is facing  
these days. I would highly recommend to read the post by David Baron  
(Mozilla). A few minor mistakes (For example, W3C has around 70  
employees, but only around 40 of them are technical employees.), but  
the content of his post is a series of thoughts and argumented  
opinions about what he feels is not right at W3C.

- More W3C Controversy

A few others found (not necessary all of them sound) but at least  
triggering comments by their readers. Again the full list plus new  
ones. If you have time, read the comments, which gives often a lot  
more background

It also reminded me of the heated debates in the past, some of them  
still going on.
        - HTML 2.0 -> HTML 3.2
        - SGML -> XML
        - W3C Patent Policy (RF <-> RAND)
        - XML Schemas <-> RelaxNG
        - CSS <-> XSL
        - XQuery <-> XSLT
        - Web Services (OASIS/W3C)
  - XML <-> RDF models

- Björn Hörmann stopped his participation to the development of  
validators. (not leaving the W3C)
- An angry fix
- W3C Breakdown Roundup
- The dinosaur that is web-standards 
- Dvoraked
- Misplaced Anger: A Rebuttal to Zeldman’s Criticism of the W3C 
- Angry Indeed
- Discussão sobre os rumos da W3C
- Angry, Not: Zeldman, Meyer, and Fair Concerns About the W3C 
- Whither the W3C?
- W3C and the Broken Process + Two Shining Examples of
Committee-based Specification Development Done Right 
- What's wrong with the SVG WG 
- SVG Tiny 1.2 in Candidate Wreckommendation stage
- W3C Process is Broken? Film at 11
- W3C blocking its own members
   A bit more context here. Yes the W3C is blocking access when  
someone is behaving bad with requesting resources like million of  
hits in a few hours. (a DOS Attack, misconfiguration of a software).  
And usually it's done to help othe users to keep accessing the  

The never cited posts in this controversy. (I guess too positive)

- A Peaceful Ear
- Structure et sens : ne confondons pas les torchons et les serviettes 
- W3C, Process, and failures

* On the More Peaceful front *

# CSS #

- Switch is a CSS preprocessor
- Properties CSS 3 in Gecko 

# Accessibility #

- Making Ajax Work with Screen Readers 

# Validation, QA, Process #

- Government Web Standards Usage: People's Republic of China 
- W3C Glossary and Dictionary
- Hearbeat Requirements in SPARQL by Björn (yes the same one)
- Google Valid and Strict
- Putting the Web back in Web 2.0
- A source editor with syntax highlight and code completion in Gecko, #1 
- Valid Flash, video, and audio embed (object) markup 
- Validation funnies
- A long list of checking tools
- IE7 and standards compliance - Microsoft's Chris Wilson charts  
- "unicorn" framework documentation updated - A tool for improving  
Quality of Web sites
- Using Web Standards

# History #

- Old Browsers for Macintosh

# SVG #

- SVG support in Opera 9
- Blogging the state of SVG implemetations
- Blogging about SVG Implementations

# SMIL #

- Implementation report for SMIL 2.1
- Ambulant - AMBULANT Open SMIL Player is an open-source media player
with support for SMIL 2.1. The current AMBULANT release provides
namespace-based support for the SMIL Language, Extended Mobile,
Mobile, and Basic profiles.
- Real Player implements a good chunk of SMIL too.

# XSLT #

- XSLPalette -  a full-featured XSLT debugging palette  for macos x
(powered by libxml2, libxslt)
- Safari Guide is a free application for Mac OS X Tiger that
allows developers to evaluate arbitrary XPath, XQuery, XSLT, and
JavaScript expressions against the current frontmost Safari webpage.

# RDF, SPARL and others #

- yet another technique for visualizing data with the Simile Timeline.
- SPARQL and SIMILE Timeline 
- What is RDF - republished with new material
- Design Issues - Linked Data
- RDF and Metcalf's law
- Drupal and Relationship (RDF) Manager
- mod_sparql- The code can be found at
- Ping in the SemanticWeb 
- Python script to extract XMP data. 

Karl Dubost -
W3C Conformance Manager, QA Activity Lead
   QA Weblog -
      *** Be Strict To Be Cool ***