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Karl Dubost

* W3C Breakdown Roundup

   A list of recent articles on W3C bashing. I recommend to read the  
comments of Which gives mor  

* The dinosaur that is web-standards 

     The post says "If you're into web design or development at all,
     you've probably run into the term "web standards"
     and the W3C, the body whose job it is to organize and draft these
     specifications. The truth is, web standards are still by-and-large,
     just suggestions on how to do certain things, and are as of yet,
     not completely and widely followed."

   Still the same problem of the tension between idealism and  
pragmatism, plus the author tends to forget there's  not only one  
community on the Web with sometimes conflicting needs. The challenge  
being on how to ensure the development of the technology leaving  
space for multiple possibilities.

* Some toughts about CSS by Eric Meyer

   The comments led to an interesting discussion. Specifically one  
interesting comment which is about Web browser developers. When a  
browser doesn't implement the specs, the Web designer who is at the  
end of the food chain pays the price.
    Why is CSS so damn HARD?

* XHTML Role Attribute Module

   "A module to support role classification of elements"
   That would be cool to see this in XHTML 1.0

* 8th WD of XHTML 2.0

   Finally, a new publication of XHTML 2.0. A review will come.
   XHTML 2.0 seems to have less elements than HTML 4.01 and is a  
simplication with regards to previous version of HTML. New semantics  
being created not by adding new elements but by adding more  
flexibility with attributes to create semantics. 

* Accessible Web Search for the Visually Challenged

   Attempt of Google to release a search engine helping the person with
   only one kind of disability. We would have preferred that the results
   page is valid and don't use things like font element. Some built-in

* iTunes categories specification

   iTunes has a list of categories which is surprising. It seems it  
   from previous internal classification plus polling users. If at  
least there
   were using SKOS, they could leverage the flexibility of tagging  
with the
   expressiveness of a taxonomy.
    Time for Contextual Tagging 
    Semantics, do we really need’em?

* W3C Open Source Software

   olivier has changed the layout and reorganized the page.

* Yahoo (Consistency factor) - Google (Fame factor) 

   On the topic of raw indexing versus organized information. Two  
schools, two methods.
   Maybe both are complementary.

* CSS library for HTML tables

   A kind of CSS garden but dedicated to tables. Some nice layouts.

* Fully conformant non-validating RDF/XML parser in JavaScript

The Benefits of XHTML modularization

* Name and addresses

   a good reading about not creating new URI schemes on the web

* Spanish W3c Office 101 about W3C Technology

   The W3C Office is very active and offers cool materials for  

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W3C Conformance Manager, QA Activity Lead
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