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Karl Dubost

* Incompetent revolt!

   Danny Ayers summarized the issue between two views
   of the Web, Google and Semantic Web. Plus information
   that more discussions went on after the Talk of Tim.
    - Google exec challenges Berners-Lee
    - The Summer of Incompetence

* Getting Answers

   A list of recommendations to ask questions about
   softwares and programs in forums, mailing-lists.
   Useful for many situations as large.

* The Right Way to do Ajax is Declaratively 

   "Don't write your interactive Web application in
   custom Javascript! The Web's Declarative nature
   needn't be broken just because you want two-way
   dynamic data instead of one-way documents on
   your site."
   Interesting article with a lot of secondary links.
   You can also read the article
   - Understanding XForms: Components. 

* Björn Hörmann stopped his participation to the development of  

   He explained that the lack of answers to certain
   precise technical questions by HTML WG following
   the W3C Process was making the development of
   validators too difficult to be  really effective
   for his time. He thought his time will be more
   useful in CSS WG and WebAPI WG as an invited expert.
   - Jeffrey Zeldman used the news and mixed two different issues
   - Then we replied asking for more feedback
   - Structure et sens : ne confondons pas les torchons et les  

* Javascript, the DOM and application/xhtml+xml

   Simon Willison explains the differences when developing
   a javascript for a page served as application/xhtml+xml

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