Publishing HTML5 Edition for Web Authors

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Publishing HTML5 Edition for Web Authors

Shelley Powers
I noticed the HTML WG CfC to publish the First Working Draft of the
HTML5 Edition for Web Authors spec[1]. However, note that it is _not_
complementary to the HTML5 Last Call Working Draft--specifically it
includes the addition of the crossorigin attribute on the img, video,
and audio elements.

This attribute was added after the Last Call document was frozen (for
the WG vote), and there's currently a bug about presence. More
importantly, though, you must have consistency in your documents. If the
HTML5 Edition for Web Authors spec is nothing more than a copy of the
HTML5 spec, but without the implementer instructions, then you can't
have differences in the HTML.

There has to be some way to keep all of this stuff in sync. More
importantly, it's important to ensure that all changes at this point,
other than minor edits, go through a solid vetting in the WG.

Thank you