Publication announcement - DDR Simple API

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Publication announcement - DDR Simple API

Rotan Hanrahan
Publication announcement - DDR Simple API

The W3C Device Description Working Group is pleased to announce the First Public, and Last Comment, Working Draft of a proposed W3C Recommendation entitled:

Device Description Repository Simple API

Located here:

From the Abstract:

Web content delivered to mobile devices usually benefits from being tailored to take into account a range of factors such as screen size, markup language support and image format support. Such information is stored in "Device Description Repositories" (DDRs).

This document describes a simple API for access to DDRs, in order to ease and promote the development of Web content that adapts to its Delivery Context.

This document is a First Public Working Draft and a Last Call Working Draft that is intended to progress along the Recommendation Track. The Working Group has published this First Public Working Draft as a Last Call due to previous drafts being publicly available, and a number of implementations that are known to already exist.

The early public drafts can be viewed here:

Comments are invited, until 1 May, from any groups or individuals, public or W3C members, to the following email address: [hidden email]

Corrections or suggestions for improvement are especially welcome.

Please note this API is described as Simple in anticipation of a future more advanced API whose scope will have a much wider scope. We anticipate this future work will be conducted within the Ubiquitous Web Applications Working Group. Comments on this publication may be considered during the development of the more advanced API by the UWAWG.

On behalf of the W3C DDWG,

Rotan Hanrahan