Proposed changes to i18n Checker

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Proposed changes to i18n Checker

the i18n checker tool can be found at

for some years now i have not found time or support to update it, but
i'm now thinking i should try to do something about that.

the checker is now available at

and there is an issues list with some preliminary ideas about changes
that could be introduced.

One of the first changes i'm contemplating is dropping the tailored
support for specific versions of HTML. The checker would provide only
reports that assume the user is using HTML5.  Since this is how browsers
parse HTML anyway, i don't see any issue here wrt HTML4 or the old forms
of XHTML docs. However, i'm thinking of dropping special treatment for
files served as XML too (XHTML5 was always one of the things i was
planning to add, but XHTML1.x served as XML are currently supported with
special messages and tests.)

This would make it far easier to maintain the checker, and increase the
chance that such maintenance is possible.  My feeling is that very few,
if any people, would miss that functionality anyway.

If you have any comments about that, please reply to this email.

btw, there's a list of all tests currently run by the checker, and the
messages output when a test fails, at