Proposal in regards to dom node selector utilities

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Proposal in regards to dom node selector utilities

Daniel Aquino
i see now that fx3 will support getElementsByClassName (gebcn) and if you ask me there is way to many functions that do the same thing ... getElementBy<whatever>... well a while back i was writing a simple dom parser and instantly thought why not something that could take a list of attributes to match against... well i rolled out a prototype and with some help of others it works very well now and i called it ... getElementsByAttributes... i really believe this one function can whipe out all others... here is my current implimentation...

Also I know about the specification for
getElementsBySelector ... but I believe my method offers some things that are missing from that spec... Like supplying your own test function and testing by hasChildNodes would literally execute the method and test the result.

Could someone get back to me and let me know what they think about this ?