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Processor Conformance

Chris Lilley

Hello public-tt,

section 3.2 Processor Conformance states:

  If the processor claims to support presentation processing in order to
  produce a rendition of TT AF content on a visual medium, then it must
  implement the region and line layout semantics defined by 9.3 Region
  Layout and Presentation and 9.4 Line Layout, respectively. In
  addition, the processor should satisfy the user agent accessibility
  guidelines specified by [UAAG].

section 9.3.2 Synchronic Flow Processing states:

  for each TT AF style property attribute in some computed style
  specification set that has no counterpart in [XSL 1.0], map that
  attribute directly through to the relevant formatting object produced
  by the input TT AF content element to which the style property

My question - it is not clear whether an XSL-FO processor which claims
to be a TTAF- DFXP processor and claims to support presentation
processing, but does not support any TT AF style properties that are
not already in XSL 1.0, is a Conformant Processor per 3.2.

Please clarify. If it would be conformant, are the extra TT AF style
properties ignored?

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