Problem with Your Validator and SNI

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Problem with Your Validator and SNI

Dear W3-Team,

Your validator has a problem, if he tries to validate any of my
(sub)domains connected to "".

This domain is forced redirected to SSL as security reason and it's only
available for all clients using SNI but if I want to
check my side there will be the following error:

403 Forbidden
Reason: The client software did not provide a hostname using Server Name
Indication (SNI), which is required to access this server.

This can be, because your validator isn't able to use/check SNI websides
or there is a small mistahe in my webservers configuration file.
I hope, that you can help me please, to fix this error.

Kind Regards

Marcel Petzold

Deltanet - Production
Marcel Petzold
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 44
04416 Marrkleeberg

Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE 272999582

Tel: 017684188235
Mail: [hidden email]