Problem with SMIL 3.0 DTD (meta element)

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Problem with SMIL 3.0 DTD (meta element)

Kees Blom
Hello SMIL people,

during AmbulantPlayer 2.2b17 beta testing a community member found a problem
we think could be caused by an omission in the SMIL3.0 DTD.

De file:
will not be parsed by AmbulantPlayer when a validating XML parser (xerces) is used.

the (normative) text  states:

"This profile adds the meta and elements to the content model of all elements except meta, and state."

This text is consistent with the test file mentioned above, where the <meta/> element is used as
child of a <text/> element, and the (informative) summary of changes given at:

But these texts are inconsistent with the DTD in
and the (normative) table presented at

Please let us know what the definitive status is of the <meta/> element as a child from an element in the <body/> of
a SMIL 3.0 document.

Yours sincerely,

Kees Blom.
[hidden email]