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Problem with PHP


I've tryed to run Tidy under php5.

They sayd that Tidy is given with php5 but it wasn't right.

I've downloaded and configured tidy by shell (I Use Ubuntu 5.10 with KDE, a
GNU/Linux OS) doing the following commands:

"sudo pear install tidy"
for install tidy

"tidy -v"
for showing the current installed version. Here's the result:

"HTML Tidy for Linux/x86 released on 12 April 2005"

So it's seems to be installed. Go on.

Here is the php.ini part for tidy:

; The path to a default tidy configuration file to use when using tidy
tidy.default_config = /usr/local/lib/php/default.tcfg

; Should tidy clean and repair output automatically?
; WARNING: Do not use this option if you are generating non-html content
; such as dynamic images
tidy.clean_output = Off

Now: the path /usr/local/lib/php/default.tcfg doesn't exist!

I've tried to find it wherewher in the OS but nothing.

I'm Going MAD...

Help please!!!

What's wrong?