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Dear Friends,


Is this group still active? There were no replies to my previous message, and I suppose there are some spam messages in the list for August 2009. And nobody cares.

It is rather strange.

Anyway, in the Internet I have found a very interesting comparison of three main formats: PNG, GIF and JPG. The pros and cons of every format will help you to choose your own solution.

GIF format:

-          256 indexed colors only. This is not very good for photographs

-          Animations (multiple images per file). These are often called “Animated GIF”.

-          One color can be defined as transparent (no alpha channel)

-          Lossless compression (well suited for screen shots and editing)

PNG format:

-          24 or 48 bit truecolor (256 indexed colors, too)

-          No animations (only one image per file)

-          Alpha channel for transparency (much more flexible than single color transparency)

-          Lossless compression (well suited for screen shots and editing, but larger files than JPG)

JPG format:

-          24 truecolor

-          No animations (only one image per file)

-          No transparency

-          Lossy compression (small files but not suitable for screen shots or editing)

The comparison was provided by Helge Klein. To read the whole article, please visit


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