PDDI Info Model Task Force - Standard Sub-team minutes for 6/20

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PDDI Info Model Task Force - Standard Sub-team minutes for 6/20

Richard Boyce-2
Hi Team,

Sorry for the delay....the minutes and link to meeting recording for the June 20th meeting of the *standard sub-team* of the PDDI Info Model Task Force are pasted below. Thanks to Elizabeth Garcia for writing them!

Kind regards, -R

Minutes for 6/20/2016 (Standard subgroup)

In Attendance:  Mathias Brochhausen, Kim Nolen, Oya Beyan, Clément Goehrs, Michel Dumontier, Richard Boyce, Louisa Zhang, Elizabeth Garcia

Meeting recording:  http://goo.gl/X4SVzG


  • Update on the PDDIs to focus on

    • Content team progress on drug-drug interactions

    • Spreadsheet:  Suggested potential drug-drug interactions

      • Includes drug pairs that are somewhat representative of the minimum information items

      • Highlighting:  Decision Tree has been developed that will guide the evidence and grading the interaction

        • Not computable, but it’s important because the minimum info model will be based off of this

        • Where it fits in with the task force’s goals:  information items based off of expert consensus from prior work

        • Demonstrating usefulness:  need specific interactions to focus on & important factors about those interactions

  • Progress on clinical consequence and evidence definitions (Elizabeth)

    • User-Centered Definitions (allows for further comments)

    • We will be using these definitions to develop a new ontology for the minimum information model

    • All comments collected through Qualtrics surveys and prior work will be incorporated into appendices that will be part of the W3C document

    • Clinical Consequences:  no disagreement

    • Evidence

      • Discussion about scope (i.e., human vs. animal), does not address information important for CDS

        • Definition is broad enough to include elements like study design or annotation of evidence

      • Mathias will send out evidence work done so far (not to be shared outside of the task force)

  • Progress on user scenarios and use cases (Elizabeth)

    • Louisa and Elizabeth have created a list of information needs based on the user stories and stakeholder descriptions developed by the task force

    • Medication Reconciliation Use Cases:  essential queries we’d want to the information model to support

      • Hospital pharmacist and consultant pharmacist

      • Draft medication reconciliation use cases will be added to PDDI site by July 1

    • Targeted and open-ended questions will be sent out to solicit feedback

  • Progress on setting the scope (Mathias)

    • Knowledge Representation Core Considerations

      • To what extent the knowledge representation should address issues relating to data integrity

      • New effort outside the core considerations to address these concerns

      • Useful discussion to have from the perspective of mode of representation

        • Not what we represent, but how we represent information

    • Next meeting:  July 7th, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CST

      • Goal:  to wrap up the core consideration document and get it to a point to share with the Content group

      • Standard sub-team members are welcome to attend

    • Goal is to get this into W3C document

    • Awaiting the first draft of the use cases

  • Future user-centered definitions

    • Frequency of adverse events (exposure vs. harm)

      • Complex; may take a few months to develop

    • Mechanism of Interaction

      • DINTO and DIDEO have done a lot of work addressing

  • Follow up for July

    • July 7th meeting re: Knowledge Representation Core Considerations

    • User Stories and Medication Reconciliation Use Cases in progress

      • Medication Reconciliation Use Cases will be discussed at all-team meeting

    • Decision Trees (Content group will be developing)

    • Close to submitting manuscript – systematic search for literature discussing information needs

    • Writing:  by the end of July, we should have the beginnings of a W3C note taking shape