PDDI Info Model Task Force - CONTENT Sub-team minutes for 6/30

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PDDI Info Model Task Force - CONTENT Sub-team minutes for 6/30

Richard Boyce-2
Hi Team,

The minutes and link to meeting recording for the June 30th meeting of the *content sub-team* of the PDDI Info Model Task Force are pasted below. Thanks to Elizabeth Garcia for writing them!

Kind regards, -R

Minutes for 6/30/2016 (Content subgroup)

In Attendance:  Evan Draper, Sam Habiel, Richard Boyce, Dan Malone, Elizabeth Garcia, Louisa Zhang

Meeting recording: http://goo.gl/1d7uwg


  • Progress on user-centered definitions

    • User-Centered Definitions (Google Doc allows for further comments)

    • Formal definitions will be used to develop an computer-readable ontology

    • Completed:

      • Clinical Consequences:   discussion about beneficial clinical consequence example; will be updated as per Evan’s comments

      • Evidence:  minor edits; will also need to add examples of types of evidence described in definition

    • Direction moving forward:

      • Mechanism of Interaction

        • Qualtrics will be sent out ASAP

      • Frequency of Harm

        • Draft by the end of July

      • Middle of August:  remaining definitions

        • i.e., contextual information/modifying factors, recommended actions, seriousness rating

  • User Stories and Use Cases

    • Descriptions of the users who will be using this information model

    • Google Doc listing information needs has been developed; further development into user stories

    • Elizabeth and Louisa will be reaching out to task force members for feedback on user stories

      • Elizabeth:  clinicians

      • Louisa:  clinical decision support

      • Will take 1-2 more weeks to get the Google Doc together; will be updated by July 18th

    • Medication Reconciliation Use Cases

      • Elizabeth has interviewed a hospital pharmacist and will interview a consultant pharmacist in order to develop 2-3 detailed use cases

      • Question about whether to use Suggested potential drug-drug interactions for use cases

        • Proposed adding linezolid + SSRI as a potential drug-drug interaction, based on hospital pharmacist discussion

          • Modifying factors are unknown; where you would give this pair is set by the indications of the drugs

        • Added a new category:  DDI where modifying factors are not known

          • Very common in clinical practice

  • Decision Tree Development

    • Need to delegate the further development of decision trees for the project

      • Remaining:  DDI pairs that do not have highlights

    • We want something very similar to the decision trees we have in place

      • Describe what the interaction is (fairly specifically)

      • What things would be helpful for a clinician to know?

    • Sub-group:  Evan, Dan, John

      • Evan – Tyrosine kinase inhibitors + proton pump inhibitors, Warfarin + etoposide

      • Dan – Tamoxifen + paroxetine, MAOIs + stimulants

      • Rich will discuss with John (to get 1 or 2 more done)

      • Doodle Poll will be sent out for sub-group meeting between July 11th and July 22nd

    • Follow up at next Content meeting

  • Next Steps

    • Qualtrics:  “Mechanism of Interaction” user-centered definition will be sent out July 1

    • Decision Tree Sub-Group (Dan, John, Evan):  Look out for Doodle Poll (July 11 – July 22)

    • All-Team Meeting:  Look out for Doodle Poll (July 25 – August 5)

    • Medication Reconciliation Use Cases (Elizabeth):  draft will be posted on Task Force website July 1

      • Further discussion at next  All-Team Meeting

    • Next Content Sub-Team Meeting (July 19)

      • Agreeing on Drug Interactions to Focus on for Information Model development

      • User Stories (Elizabeth and Louisa):  Updated Google Doc by July 18